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01 Sep, 2004

Warren Salzman, VP Internal

“So, a party people wanted eh…well, a party they got. Froshies or anyone who had been asking “Dude, Where’s My Frosh?”…well Frosh was certainly FOUND, this summer 2004! And I think we all know that it is in MUS Frosh. What an amazing week. Overall, there was a lot of energy, and a lot of spirit shown from everyone this week. We had fun, and it was all in good nature. Frosh made me excited about our Faculty. It has made the year ahead look very promising to me, and I’m excited about all the partying and more Management fun to come. I’d like to congratulate Frosh Committee 2004 for all the hard work they put into Frosh this summer. Every committee member pulled their weight and really put their heart and soul into Frosh. What a summer! Thanks everyone.”

Allison Stewart, Co-Chair

“I just want to thank everyone who was involved in Frosh, especially the committee — we had a die-hard group of dedicated people this year who were a fantastic bunch to work with. Our committee consisted of people with very different Frosh experiences — from Iain whose Frosh was in 2000 to Elana, who was a Freshman last year, we were able to use our different memories and draw from a lot of ideas to put together this year’s Frosh. I really hope that everyone enjoyed Frosh, most importantly the Freshmen, and I would like to see each and every one of them involved again next year, whether as a buddy, a leader, or even a committee member. Our frosh leaders were chosen with a great amount of care and I think that they did a wonderful job in carrying out our goal of being inclusive and making sure that the Freshmen came first. The buddies were fantastic and extremely helpful, especially at Power Hour and Beach Club. As for the Regie des alcohols, my deepest thanks for staying off our ass for the week and in the end actually granting us our permits!”

“To Professor Donovan: that chug at Peel was very impressive and I’m sure we’ll all remember it for a very long time, judging by the standing ovation that he received!”

Taryn Barker, Co-Chair “My favourite memory was seeing all the Freshmen at Power Hour with huge grins on their faces and knowing they were having the time of their lives. My only regret is making the Freshmen too exhausted so they couldn’t make it to Beach Club, because it was an awesome day. Especially being on the “Super Bus”! There’s nothing like getting off the bus at Beach Club full of Jell-O, with no voice left from screaming ridiculous songs for an hour. I want to congratulate the Freshmen: you’re a great bunch, who are going to be very involved in the MUS. Remember, Management just gets better after Frosh. Get involved in whatever interests you, whether it be Carnival, JDC or anything else!”

Elena Kreek, Committee

“Frosh was very well organized and everyone on committee did an amazing job in making sure everything ran as smooth as it could.”

The Bull & Bear would also like to thank Iain, Jason, Jessica and Elena for their tireless efforts throughout the summer and their sleepless nights!

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