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24 Feb, 2011

Recently, I am putting together my portfolio on

As I am going through my archives and digging through my collection over the past 7 months, I came across some Design Language guidelines I made for McGill Management International Case Competition (MMICC), where I am Vice-President Creative Design for the second consecutive year.

Design Language: Colour Guidelines
Design Language: Typeset
These are all useful skills for branding/advertising preparation. It certainly helps with consistency, especially when it comes to colour management and design elements. Once the guidelines are distributed to everyone on committee, we can easily avoid instances where people used the wrong font or the wrong shade of e.g. purple on both digital and print images. It is also important to note the importance of CONVERTING THE IMAGE TO CMYK BEFORE SENDING IT OFF TO THE PRINTER!
I also learned the efficient way to organize layers on Photoshop when it comes to web design.

Simply by clicking on the eye at the layers window, you can create a simulation of hovering, drop-down menu, etc. Tres neat!

Without drop-down menu  
With Drop-down Menu + mouse over child menu
Gazillion THANK YOU x 100000 to Jane Margolis, my summer internship 2010 boss/supervisor/mentor at DeSantis Breindel, New York City, for teaching me all these good stuff. I got so much out of it.

For a complete collection (MMICC 2011: Design Summary), please visit my [email protected]

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