only if i could marry a Mac…

24 Feb, 2011

I came across this picture and laughed.
(Carmen, I expect the same reaction from you.)

Hahahhahaaha loloool hahahah…! Wait a minute. My MacBook Pro is almost 20 months old, and it recently — recently as in 4 months ago — got beer spilled over (party foul). According to the Apple Store guy, the logic board is fucked… “corrosive” was what he said, and the life expectancy is about 2-3 months. Well, my MacBook was sort of under the weather in early December. Right now though, other than a few minor glitches, I am really glad that it came through.
What freaks me out is that if it dies in the near future, chances are I’d probably get a PC for temporary use… that will do me no good. *Knock on wood* PS. I am not dizzing PC (or am I?)

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