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11 Feb, 2011

Do you remember your last time getting lost in the streets? Do you remember being that helpless kid in a sea of strangers?

Lost in the middle of a swarm of people on a hot summer afternoon in 1996, I was crying in the middle of the streets, helpless and vulnerable. Suddenly, there came a moment which I would never, ever forget — the moment of relief when I heard my mother’s voice yelling my name, the sight of my mother’s face amongst a sea of strangers zooming in, and the warmth of her body as she gave me the warmest embrace a mother could give… I was safe. I was in my mother’s arms, and everything’s guna be okay.

How mighty is the power of a familiar face!

Correction: How mighty is the power of familiarity!!

Exposing yourself to something familiar is a great way to counter negative emotions. For instance, before writing an exam, I always looked for the pen that promised me good luck — when in fact all it did was to calm me down.

As a college student who lives far away from home, I would always mix honey in warm water whenever I catch a cold because it reminds me of my mother taking care of me. It reminds me of home.

In times of uncertainty, people tend to lean towards powerful brands — familiar brands. Campbell soup sales went up during wartime; more people tend to smoke Marlboros whenever there’s unrest in society. When things are out of control, people are more likely to expose themselves to whatever familiar things available in search of inner peace; everything’s guna be okay.

Skype has successfully leveraged the power of familiarity and turned it into a business opportunity. essentially, bringing a familiar face from a geographically and physically unreachable location to a screen a foot away from you.

I was studying for my exams next week, and couldn’t help but notice the scent of Valentine’s roses around the corner. My Skype rang and “teleported” Ben from his apartment on Hutchison to my apartment on Hotel-de-Ville — the way he said my name gave me butterflies, his ginormous green eyes staring at me from the screen, and the smile on his face telling me how much he missed me… I was showered with love. Oh, how mighty is your familiar face!

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