what does cream soda look like?

22 Feb, 2011

When I was a kid, I used to HATE soda pop. I thought it was absolutely the most disgusting beverage any human can consume in their right state of mind.

On September 1 2010, I began my part-time employment at Dave’s Store - a student-run convenience store in the management faculty basement. It was then when I started to observe people’s purchasing behaviour on soda pops (along with chips and other good stuff).

Recently, my attention was drawn towards one of my professor’s obsession — Crush cream soda:

After processing 4 cream soda transactions in 4 days, all purchased by the same person, I finally bought one for myself merely out of curiosity. I emptied the content into a glass and expected the soda itself to be yellowish-green (since that was the impression I got as a child from Schweppes cream soda).

The soda turned out to be transparent, and it tasted good! Love it.

It is interesting, as I believe cream soda is one of the very few sodas that is presented in different colours by different brands. For instance, Cola — whether it is Coca Cola, Pepsi, generic coke, whatsoever, cola is always the fizzy brown drink. Cream soda though, Crush makes transparent ones in Quebec and the Maritime, and red ones in Ontario and the rest of Canada. There is also Stewart’s yellowish-orange, Schweppes yellowish-green, Jones translucent, and Moxie blue.

This makes me wonder what are the motives of coming up with a variety of colours for the same type of drink. Is it for differentiating purposes? Or just for the heck of it?

Particularly, I would love to know what’s the deal with ANY MANUFACTURER who came up with a red soda. Red has nothing to do with cream, it looks artificial, and it looks like poison.

If there is anyone out there who would prefer red, please enlighten me.

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