get creamed with an orange hangover dream

20 Nov, 2011

Waking up with a mild hangover, first thing that came to my mind was obviously ah f*** sake gimme something to drink. I rolled out of bed and crawled into the kitchen. Not feeling the tap water, I opened the fridge in search of thirst-quenching alternatives – all I found was a carton of expired milk. I cringed, and died a little. This is the end of the world.

Then bling!
What’s that gem sitting on the side of the fridge? It has been there for almost a year, but won’t be expired till the end of next year.

Jeff’s Orange Dream Soda. Im in love.
This is one of the few things that my ex-boyfriend brought me from New York (back when we were dating obvi), little did I know that it would be of great use one day. It tasted like OJ, milk, and cream soda – the perfect hangover cure. It reminded me of my brief obsession with cream soda back in February. I even dedicated a blog post for it: what does cream soda look like? 
I got strangely carried into a nostalgic state of mind. Each sip brought me further and further into my childhood, particularly the time when I lived in Ho Man Tin (this residential area in Kowloon, Hong Kong), when my mother and I made weekly trips to a Japanese Supermarket in Whampoa. I always ended up with a 6-pack of Milkis (a cream soda and milk product). It might strike you as a weird mix, but trust me, that shit was fucking delicious. I would drink it in the morning, after class, before bed, until my mom decided to ban that from our fridge for 6 months.
Milkis Cream Soda Beverage
Well k, here’s my conclusion. The Orange Dream Soda has officially found itself a special place in my heart. This is the beauty of brand loyalty. I never understood the Coke/Pepsi war because it was irrelevant to me – I hate Cola beverages (except with rum/whiskey). I mean, they are essentially the same shit, why would anyone make a big deal about oh I am so cool because I am a Coke person, you suck because you drink Pepsi… vice versa? In the end, it was the initial experience you had with the brand that made you hooked with it.It was like…… great sex; if the guy was like sooooo good in bed, you would always want to go back and have more of it. Uh, okay, bad example – but you see what I mean?

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