Pulling A Romantic Romeo

06 Dec, 2011

It is always superrrrrrrrrrr exciting to experiment with a new design style.

I have recently agreed to help [ person/organization anonymous ] to create an invitation for an event in January. Since I have promised not to publicize the content… mysterious much?… I replaced the actual content of the invitation with random information.

(Original blog at http://thethinkingtoque.blogspot.com/)

Actually… who am I trying to fool here? My audience (aka you) aren’t idiots anyway. Anyone can immediately figure it out by looking at the overtly meaningless content of the invitation, as displayed below…

In fact, a few of you migghtttttt receive the real invitation from [ person/organization anonymous ] anyway, so yeahh, whatever.

But before I do the whole attach-image-to-my-blog-post thing, here’s a brief overview of what my *client* wanted – well they basically wanted me to create an elegent invitation.

Waaaaait a minute………….. Elegant???

I don’t normally do that shit. But I guess it doesn’t hurt to make a fool out of myself and give it a try.

[media-credit id=250 align="alignleft" width="147"]Elegant Thing
Some elegant vector thingy

First thing came to mind: wedding invitations. Second thing came to mind, Victorian borders. That should be good for starters. (Plus a generous token of appreciation to my roommate Margaret to help me out with the concept).

Thank god for google images, I downloaded a crap ton of elegant Victorian borders in vector format. Picked one, and paste it all over the damn art board.

Figured I probably shouldn’t do my casual Helvetica-Swiss 721-Univers font-picking routine, I settled with Requiem Display and Edwardian Script ITC.. (im sure edward cullen would approve of this cheesy and cursivie font.. haaa!)

Colour palette decision turned out to be a gray-black-teal combo.

And this is what I ended up with… I guess it worked out?


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