Police Escort Vagrant Elderly Lady from Bronfman

05 Feb, 2012

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Police escorts Bronfman's resident senior out of the building.

Breaking news – At 5:50 pm, the vagrant elderly lady, seen sitting everyday in the Bronfman basement reading newspapers, was evicted by campus security and Montreal Police.

On regular duty, the security agents asked her why she was loitering in the Bronfman basement, as she seemed evidently out of place. The elderly lady refused to cooperate, instead demanding the security agents to reveal their names, claiming that she works here and that there was a misunderstanding. When security left to call the police, the elderly lady swiftly departed to hide in one of the basement rooms.

The police were subsequently called in to escort her out.  Three police officers were overheard discussing her shoplifting two weeks ago. The elderly lady was arrested two weeks ago on charges of shoplifting and is now being evicted from the building by the police for claims of trespassing. She was last seen being escorted by the police towards their squad car.

The police refused to provide further comment. The identity of the elderly lady is not known.

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