An open letter to the Student Society of McGill University Executive regarding SSMU’s open letter to the AUS:

19 Mar, 2012

We are dismayed and concerned by the tone of the recent open letter, signed by VP Internal Todd Plummer and VP Clubs & Services Carol Fraser on behalf of the SSMU Executive, to the Executive of the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS).

We realize that last week’s AUS General Assembly suffered from major organizational problems, and that the AUS should have used better judgement and planning for the event. Hundreds of students were forced to wait over four hours – first in line-ups and then inside our respective rooms – until the GA finally began at around 9 pm. We were just as shocked with the lack of foresight and adequate planning as anyone else.

We do not, however, agree with the harshness of the tone of the letter in question. To say that “we are disgusted by your sense of entitlement and disrespect for the space, time, and resources of others” is unfair and uncalled for. The AUS did indeed do a very poor job in planning for the massive turnout, but that inadequate planning in no way constitutes a “sense of entitlement and disrespect”. It was an honest mistake – something that SSMU is not entirely unfamiliar with.

Furthermore, we respect the fact that the AUS organized their first ever General Assembly only a few months ago. Since then, only two GAs had been held, both with very low turnouts. While this is no excuse for the AUS’s lack of adequate planning, they cannot be blamed for their lack of experience – especially since the participation we observed this past Tuesday was something unprecedented even at the SSMU level. The AUS was faced with a daunting task for which they had little experience or knowledge.

The strong condemnation of the AUS Executive is also hard to comprehend when one considers the fact that the SSMU Executive failed to condemn the #6party occupation, an event far more divisive – not to mention illegal. It is hard to understand this policy of giving a free pass on illegal acts, but strongly condemning an honest error (however big it may have been) on the part of the AUS.

In sum, we do not wish to deny or delegitimize SSMU’s concern with the lack of adequate preparation for the GA on the part of the AUS. We simply believe that, in this case, not only does the punishment not fit the crime, but neither does it help with – in the SSMU’s own words – “rebuilding our relationship into a more productive partnership.”


The Moderate Political Action Committee (ModPAC), and the following McGill students:

    • Arielle Schnaidman – U2 Political Science
    • Leslie Preston – U2 Arts & Science
    • Eric Notarangelo – U3 Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
    • Hugh Podmore – U3 Physics
    • Jessica De Santi – U2 Political Science
    • Kayla Herbert – U1 English Literature
    • McKenzie Kibler – U0 Arts
    • Stephanie de Groot – U1 Management
    • Steven Chen – U1 Medicine
    •  Kokulan Mahendiran – U2 Political Science & Canadian Studies
    •  Brendan Steven – U2 Political Science
    •  Jeanne Lee – U3 Biology
    • Dylan Kristofic – U2 Finance
    •  Terina Morgan – U1 Psychology
    •  Chloe Landry – U2 Political Science
    •  Abraham Moussako – U0 Education
    •  Justine Perrot – U3 Sociology/Communications/Marketing
    •  Jonathan Wong – U1 Economics
    •  Priti Patel – U2 Political Science/English Literature
    •  Ernest Oppetit – U3 Computer Engineering
    •  Stephanie Wong – U2 Psychology/Linguistics
    •  Nicholas Richard – U1 Physical Education
    •  George Kafkas – U1 Political Science
    •  Michael Tan – U3 Industrial Relations
    •  Katrina Van Amsterdam – U3 Classics
    •  Gijs Leenders – U2 International Development Studies
    •  Alexander Gardinier – U2 Political Science
    •  Christina Sfeir – U2 Political Science
    •  Michaela Hirsh – U1 Finance
    •  Dunae Williams – U2 History
    •  Dann Bibas – U3 Finance
    •  Avia Wiseman – U1 Arts
    •  Stephen Exel – U2 Arts
    •  Rodrigo Espinosa – U2 Economics & Finance
    •  Manuella Djuric – U3 Management
    •  Tessa Conrad – U3 Political Science
    •  Jan Wollenberg – U3 Science
    •  Amanda Lo – U2 Microbiology & Immunology
    •  Dennis Brotzky – U1 Psychology
    •  Ian McCann – U1 English
    •  David Lin – U3 Finance
    •  Jules Eustache – U2 Immunology
    •  Sean Ridder – U1 Political Science
    •  Michael Stepner – U3 Economics
    •  Lily Bodinson – U1 Political Science
    •  Étienne Caye – U3 Political Science & Economics
    •  Connor Harbin – U2 History/Anthropology
    •  Thomas Granrud – U3 Political Science
    •  William Debost – U2 Economics
    •  Ribald Yeung – U2 Biology & Sociology
    •  Helen Kim – U2 Microbiology & Immunology
    •  David Chak – U3 Psychology
    •  Benjamin Reedjik – U1 Political Science & History
    •  Raphael Krespin – U0 Arts
    •  Carter P. Smith – U2 Economics
    •  Jessica Sternberg – U3 English
    •  Annabelle Laferrère – U2 Political Science & Philosophy
    •  Wyatt Hnatiw – U1 Political Science & Economics
    •  Shazia Shivji – U2 Environment
    •  Raafy Karim – U1 Economics & Psychology
    •  Lucas Sawatzky – U2 Political Science
    •  Jordano Nudo – U1 Political Science
    •  Chase Potter – U2 International Management
    •  Sharon Miller – U1 History
    •  Robyn Irving – U1 Psychology
    •  Andaleeb Shariff – U3 Arts & Science
    •  Brian Farnan – U2 Political Science & Communications
    •  Sebastian Dragnea – U1 Computer Science & Math
    •  Mauricio Gonzalez – U2 Economics & Philosophy
    •  Austin Lloyd – U2 International Development Studies
    •  Nicolas Webster – U1 Computer Science
    •  Jesse Anak Kuri – U3 Political Science & Economics
    •  Zachary Schneiderman – U3 Political Science
    •  Gregory Ringkamp – U1 History
    •  Jamie Robertson – U2 Philosophy & English
    •  Martin Banach – U2 Political Science & History
    •  Richard Carozza – U2 Physiology
    •  Diego Zuluaga Laguna – U2 Economics & History
    •  Galen Flaherty – U2 International Development Studies & Political Science
    •  Beni Fisch – U3 Political Science & History
    •  Latoya Belfon – U1 Education
    •  Dennis Lee – U2 Microbiology & Immunology
    •  Cole Bricker – U1 History
    •  Jeremy Miller – U2 Philosophy & Political Science
    •  Harmon Moon – U2 History
    •  Lisa McLennan – U3 History & Political Science
    •  Lainie Schwartz – U1 Political Science
    •  Nicholas Renzetti – U0 Political Science
    •  Joshua Fagen – U2 Geography
    •  Eric W. Mauser – U3 Political Science

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