IM Students Seek to Clarify Career Opportunities

22 Sep, 2012

The International Management Associatio held a networking breakfast on Friday September 21st to mark its first full year as an association. According to Andrea Das-Wieczorek, president of the IMA, one of the main purposes was to “build a sense of community in the international management program.”

The event was sponsored by RDA Capital, a Montreal based investment management firm. François Magny, CEO of RDA capital, attended the event and served as its first speaker. An alumnus of The Desautels Faculty of Management, he studied International Business and was interested in seeing how the program has changed and evolved.

The next speaker was Erica Coulombe, a student in the International Management program who recently spent time interning at the Washington Center in Washington, D.C.

The third and final speaker was career adviser Peg Brunelle, who ran an intensive networking workshop. Brunelle, a career advisor specializing in International Management students, stated that one of the mandates of the IMA was to “elevate the profile of the program” on campus. She cites the many benefits of the program, such as how the program allows students to “develop skillsets that are applicable to the global market.”

The International Management program consists of a 15 credit international business component, a minor in a separate faculty, as well as a language component.“[The program] gives a well-rounded perspective,” said Felix Bisset, a recent graduate of the International Management program. “The ability to take a minor in a wide variety of disciplines gives you a more whole and complete perspective.”
Many students attended the event in order to seek possible career opportunities. According to Debra Kelsall, Vice President of Alumni Relations, one of the mandates of the IMA is to forge sense of community among members of the program.

“We want to clarify career opportunities,” she said, adding that building relationships with alumni of the program, and having them speak with current International Management students will also allow students to have a better idea of which career paths they can pursue with an International Management degree.

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