From A to B- Transport in India

14 Nov, 2012

Man has been in a constant rut to find a better, faster, more efficient way of getting from point A to point B. We’ve used everything from cars, motor- cycles, buses and bikes to get to the grocery store and back, to airplanes and trains to go from say Montreal to Toronto and beyond, and space shuttles to have our presences felt even on the moon (man, decided the next time he went to the moon, he’d take the lunar rover with him, instead of bounce around). These modes of transportation have been with us all along the way and while they might be inanimate, its high time we give them a second glance. Here is a photo- essay of some of the modes of transport used in Kolkata and Mumbai today, in addition to your conventional air- conditioned chauffeur- drive car. While India is still essentially on the road to ‘development,’ these modes of transport have helped pave the very roads they are used on today.

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