The Daily Reaches a New Low

11 Nov, 2012

Publishing “Dear boot-licking apologists” has brought the Daily to a truly new low. It takes an utter lack of journalistic integrity and common respect to stoop to such a disgustingly low level, and for what… a few extra clicks on your website? It would seem the sensationalism of this pathetic excuse for a newspaper knows no bounds.

Since 1931, all across the commonwealth, people have gathered to remember and honour those who have and those who are willing to lay down their lives in order to protect their country and fellow citizens. These brave men and women to whom we pay tribute were not petty warmongers but the very heroes who have allowed to us remain in a world that is not overrun with the ideology, and controlled by the mere word, of one Adolf Hilter.

We are honouring the men and women that stopped the murderous rampage of a man who killed some six million Jews. We are paying respect to heroes who have through blood, sweat and tears, preserved the institution of democracy and the numerous rights that come along with it – including the right to free speech so ungraciously abused by Ethan Feldman.

Our veterans deserve this and they deserve much more. The Daily should be ashamed and tremendously apologetic for humiliating themselves and this entire university, allowing such refuse to be published.

Regardless of Feldman’s preposterous outlook, come the 11th hour, I will remember, and so will millions more the world over.

- Kokulan Navaratnam, U3 Political Science & Canadian Studies


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