Leaked McGill Report Details Expenses of Over $400 Million

20 Nov, 2012

This November, The Bull & Bear received a leaked capital expense report courtesy of the website McGilliLeaked, a site that seeks to collect and compile successful Access to Information (ATI) requests from the McGill Administration. The report outlines a complete list of all ongoing capital expenditures, many of which involve extensive renovations and additions to campus buildings, for a total forecasted sum of $403,242,034.

At $36,558,411, the highest expenditure is in regards to the 70,000 sq. ft. expansion of the Montreal Neurological Institute building. The MNI plans to expand their North Wing in order to construct a state-of-the-art Brain Imaging Centre as part of their Thinking Ahead Campaign, whose mandate seeks to provide “a brighter future for those living with neurological problems.” Specifically, this new imaging center will provide researchers at the MNI with the necessary facilities to increase patient capacity and greatly improve their level of contribution to the greater understanding of brain disease, addiction, and treatment. The new wing will also incorporate facilities for the Experimental Therapeutics Program, which seeks to “test novel treatments in experimental models of neurological diseases and speed the transition of new therapies from the laboratory to patient care.” Part of the project includes renovations to improve ambulance access from University Street, as well as plans to build a “healing garden” for the benefit of patients, family, and visitors to the MNI.

Other multi-million construction projects are accounted for, including the expansion of Molson Stadium, as well developments in the McIntyre, MacDonald and Pulp & Paper buildings on campus as part of the Knowledge Infrastructure Program (KIP). The KIP is the result of a $103 million grant awarded to McGill in 2009 by the local and federal government. It seeks to “allow for greatly needed renovations and upgrades at some of our research facilities,” amongst other projects. Also ranking amongst the highest expenses are plans to renovate McGill’s newest residence, La Citadelle, at 410 Rue Sherbrooke; a project with a total cost $29,531,601.

While comparatively smaller expenses, the report also details the cost of the Bronfman fifth floor renovations, which came to $29,593, and the cost of the Bronfman second floor renovations, which came to $3,822,661. In addition, expenses of $218,270 to renovate the third floor of McLennan Library were noted. While not noted in the report, ongoing construction of the pedestrian walkway for Redpath and McLennan Libraries is estimated to cost around $1,900,000. It was slated to be completed in October this year, but as of the time of this publication, construction is still ongoing.

Much of the remaining expenses detailed in the report are in regards to the maintenance of existing facilities, including renovating air systems and general reparation projects. The large majority of expenses are focused on the establishment of new facilities, whether it be the North Wing of the MNI, or the addition of new laboratory space and facilities for the Engineering, Medical, and Chemistry faculties.

McGill students in the coming years will have access to new, state-of-the-art facilities upon completion of these major projects.

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