“Turmoil In Venus” Article Removed

30 Nov, 2012

On November 26th, The Bull & Bear published an article online entitled “Turmoil In Venus.”

The article began to receive significant attention on November 28th when it was published on our Facebook page. Many members of the McGill community have contacted The Bull & Bear to express their disapproval with this article through calls and messages to the editorial staff. This article has generated sharp criticism from the McGill community for its offensive nature and controversial opinions.

Upon further review, the article was found to not be in accordance with our editorial guidelines, notably:

1.a) “…The author must remove himself emotionally from the issue at hand.”

1.b) “The tone must never, under any circumstance, convey open hostility or aggression towards any one or multiple groups of people bearing distinct ethnicities, political beliefs, religious affiliation, organizational affiliation, cultural practices, lifestyle preferences, gender, sexual orientation, age, profession, areas of study, etc.”

1. c) “Any article that harbours messages which incite hate towards any of the aforementioned groups of people will instantly be disqualified from publication.”

2. h) “Attack the issue, not the people. If you feel compelled to critique various organizations or groups of people, be sure to critique the underlying problem involved and avoid personal confrontations.”

As Executive Editor, I have decided that it is in the best interest of our publication, and of the McGill community to remove the article. The author is no longer a member of The Bull & Bear staff. The Bull & Bear sincerely apologizes for this incident, and is reviewing its editorial procedures in the wake of this incident.


If you’d like more information on the matter, or if you’d like to schedule an interview with Dan Novick, you may reach him at [email protected]

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