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About The Bull & Bear

The Bull & Bear is McGill’s premier magazine publication on the campus affairs, issues, and discussions that matter. Based out of the Desautels Faculty of Management, the publication is operated on an unpaid basis by an editorial team of 12 members and a staff of approximately 75.

Monthly print magazines, published via the Management Undergraduate Society, serve as an in-depth and insightful view on the monthly events and key issues on campus. We current go to print 8 times – one for every month of the academic year – and circulate 1,000 copies distributed to various points across campus.

Online, The Bull & Bear publishes on a rolling schedule multiple times per week across four sections: News, Markets, Lifestyle, and Opinion. Unparalelled media coverage of events such as Frosh, 4a7, and case competitions are featured on our Facebook page. As of 2012, we introduced contractable professional media services, allowing groups on campus to hire The Bull & Bear to create promotional material for advertising and sponsorship.


History of The Bull & Bear

Founded in 2003, The Bull & Bear served as the authoritative voice of the Desautels Faculty of Management on campus since inception. Monthly issues combined factual reports, discussion pieces, and entertainment articles in a newspaper format. The publication served to represent the unique faculty and student body of within Bronfman Building on campus and maintained a business-oriented theme.

In 2012, The Bull & Bear officially rebranded as a magazine publication and implemented a shift to covering campus-wide events in addition to Bronfman coverage. As a monthly publication under the Management Undergraduate Society, it was recognized that a newspaper format would not express our content in the best possible means and that we were better suited to exploring content on a deeper and more meaningful level within a magazine format.


Mission statement

The mission of The Bull & Bear is to serve as a platform of knowledge, insight, and inspiration to the McGill community. As the premier student magazine on campus affairs, we seek to advance the way insightful reporting and the presentation of in-depth analysis, with the ultimate goal of establishing The Bull & Bear as McGill University’s most reliable and enriching source of information.


Current Editorial Roster

Executive Editor: Tarun Koshy
Managing Editor: Max Feinsot
Media Editor: Jean Moirez
Lead News Editor: Aimee Pellegrino
News Editor: Doron Lurie
Lead Opinion Editor: Laura Thistle
Opinion Editor: Alex Petralia
Lead Lifestyle Editor: April Wu
Lifestyle Editor: Marisa Samek
Lead Markets Editor: Jonathan Craske
Markets Editor: Andrew Marcovitch
Chief Layout Editor: Matthew Hunter
Advertising Director: Kapil Mehra
Web Editor: Henry Fuz-Keeve
Marketing Director: Charlotte Plamondon


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